Sunday, February 3, 2013

Introducing: Katie

1.What was the last book you read? Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone You will quickly learn that I have an slight addiction to HP
2. Do you like roller coasters? Some...
3. Day or night? Probably night... I get to be home instead of in a hospital or classroom :)
4. What do you hear right now? Superbowl Commercials :) 
5. How tall are you? 5' 3"
6. The last thing you ate was… pulled pork, toast, and some buttered corn
7. Do you have a hero/someone you look up to? If so, who? I love my husband :) He has sacrificed a lot to let me pursue my dreams and I love the crap out of him
8. Do you like to swim? I sink :(
9. Has a book ever upset you? As in make me feel emotional?? A lot of books have done that, not just because of the story, but because they ended
10. What was the first instrument you learned to play? (if any) The clarinet in the 6th grade band
11. Some of your hobbies include… crocheting, reading, watching movies, pinterest, playing with my little boy, camping, softball, and a lot of other things :)
12. Something you like about your appearance is… The color of my eyes :)
13. What was the last movie you watched? The Switch
14. Where is the farthest from home that you've gone? The east coast. I haven't left the Idaho/Utah in about three years :(
15. Do you look like your parents? I hear that I look like my dad's family a lot...IDK
16. A favorite memory with a sibling? Riding bikes with Sarah during the summers at Dad's
17. Do you sing in the shower?
I kind of have a shower with amazing acoustics....Yes
18. Name of every pet you've had... Ummm I grew up on a farm so I will just tell you my favorite.... Ringo Steer my FFA project.
19. Two of your fears are... disappointing my family and losing my loved ones
20. What you're majoring in in college... Nursing, almost done :)
21. What is your favorite season? Summer
22. The best vacation you took? Family reunion in Kansas :)
23. Why your best friend is your best friend? Because I'm married to him
24. Occupations you wanted as a little kid? Beautician, journalist, politician, country singer :)
25. How many pillows do you sleep with? Three...excessive, I know
26. Are you a "safe" driver? Probably not, but I've never been in an accident or had a ticket....
27. Something that's bothering you right now? going to school tomorrow.... :( Mondays.....
28. How many books do you own? Ummmmmm....Idk....Not as many as Sarah :)

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